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William Scoresby, Junior (1789 - 1857)

Also born in Cropton near Whitby in October 1789 was William Scoresby Jnr. His schooling was very broken, going to 3 different ones before settling in a private schoool in Whitby run by Mr Routh whom Routh Walk in Skinner Street is named. Scoresby jnr made his first voyage at the age of 10 by stowing away on his father's ship the 'Dundee'.

After this Scoresby returned to school until 1803 when he became apprentice to his father on the 'Resolution'. He sailed with his father for another 7 voyages keeping the ship's journal during 1806 when the highest latitude made by a ship was achieved.

Scoresby Jnr spent a brief period at Edinburgh University studying natural history, mathematics and logic under professors Jameson and Leslie. His time there was shore lived as Scoresby was called back home to make a voyage as Chief Officer in 1807.

He left sea life in his 30's and got involved with the church. William Scoresby Junior married 3 times but none of his children survived him.

All his papers, log books, instruments and botanical specimens were left to Whitby museum.

He made one last voyage to Australia to verify his theories of compass behaviour on iron ships before he died in 1857.